Poster and study for a typeface: "Arepo" by Sumner Stone 

This project explores the versatility of the typeface along with the relationship between the different cases of the type and the glyphs within it. It shows the entire font family in a unique and interesting way, in a way which exemplifies its flexiblility.
Initial Sketches
Based on the thoughts Sumner Stone had about the typeface. The word "Arepo" is opera spelled backwards and the vision Stone had for it was one of symphony, harmony and grandeur. Initial sketches are made with his vision in mind and translating that vision into visual language.
Detailed sketches and studies of the typeface, with multiple, different compositions.
Foundation sketch on which the final is based on.
Further explorations, with relations between elements exemplified and more dynamic.
Final stages

The typeface is given a radial association and interlacing is explored.

Interlacing of the majuscule, minuscule and glyphs is explored further and their relationship between each other solidified. Foreground and background elements are also defined. Finally, a texture is added to the name of the typeface itself, "Arepo", giving it a grainy and transparent effect, adding a new dimension to the text and emphasizing it more amongst the other elements.
Texture, interlacing and transparency in effect.
The unique qualities of the texture is best portrayed in the 'e'.
Interlacing and depth of field application through the placement of letters.
Further examples of how the elements relate to one another.
Picture of the poster in perspective.
Picture of the poster in space.

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